Friday, 21 March 2014

3/20 Live at AJA

Last night we played our third gig, at Live Bar AJA in Nakano Sakaue. Thanks to everybody for coming. It's a real pleasure to play for such a warm and attentive audience. Your support gives us a lot of energy. And many thanks to Fang Taeil, one of my favourite guitarists and leader of the fantastic Marcos Brothers Band, who arranged the gig with us.
So, I've had musical duos on my mind a lot recently, since Fu-ching and I made the decision to form a band together and not invite anyone else. I can honestly say at this point that playing in FU-CHING-GIDO continues to be one of the great pleasures of my life, and I couldn't be happier.
When we decided to play as a duo, I had a think about other duos which I really like. Obviously The White Stripes are a big one, and also I really enjoy Ben Butler and Mousepad. One recurring factor in these bands, and something which I enjoy hearing, is the wild rawness of their live performances. And recently I perhaps understood where a large part of this raggedy wonkiness comes from. I'm pretty sure it comes from Pure Fear!
Seriously, performance-wise, I think there has been very little that I've done that's come close to the nerves I've experienced performing in this duo. And that definitely lends a raw quality to the performances. But also, with nowhere to hide on stage, I find myself relying partly on my own preparation, but most of all, in the moment, I completely rely on my partner to help us get through the performance. Luckily my partner in FU-CHING-GIDO is a truly amazing musician! So, together with the astonishing new levels of stage-fright, I've also been able to experience a massive amount of musical pleasure, and I can't wait to see how things develop.
Tonight I'll take a look at the video and audio recordings of last night, and see if there's anything nice to share online.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple of clips of those great duos I mentioned. Although their music is quite different to ours, I think anyone who's come to see us live may well recognise a similar crazy fear factor!
All the best,

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